Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pi Day

Today is the "Pi DAY". We have dedicated special dates to celebrate various reasons. And March 14 (or in numbers 3-14) is the day dedicated to celebrate the mathematical constant "Pi". The representation of this date consists the first three digits of the mathematical constant "Pi". Thus it is selected as the "Pi" day. It is a day celebrated by mathematics lovers and probably a day hated by maths haters.
Pi Day Google Doodle 

There are sites specially designed to celebrate this day such as And it contains useful information about the constant "Pi". Alternatively another day is celebrated as the "Pi" approximation day which fall on July 22nd (22/7) which represents the widely used approximation value of "Pi".


  1. This reminds me the Maths Teachers who planted the interests in maths in our young minds, some of them lost their jobs in 1980 strike; I wrote a blog about them last year.

    Thanks My Zone for reminding this up.

  2. Most of the time I read sinhala blogs including your one.
    Thanks for commenting :)